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Meet the Moments Family

Making Dreams Come True

Susan and Valerie, a beautiful force of creative minds.

Susan is who you thank for the beautiful blooms in your arrangements. She has been an avid gardener for over 40 years.  After retiring 2 years ago she has been expanding the garden to bigger and better things. With her new greenhouse she is able to start and get her tenderlings growing during the cold season, perfectly timed for spring planting.  Wherever she is in the garden you can always know she will be surrounded by her faithful dachshunds.  Sometimes they help but more often are just  playing in the dirt.

Valerie guides brides with coordination and planning, she is also the creative mind behind the rental decor line and Moments in the Garden. Valerie, after a 20 year career in the medical field decided to take a needed break and help with the family wedding business.  Mainly self-taught, she had the pleasure of interning with a fabulous florist and learned the ins and outs of the floral industry. Valerie is constantly learning new techniques and takes every opportunity to go to conferences and floral design workshops to further her skills and knowledge.

The "Force"

Turning a Vision into Reality

Seth is the driving force behind the rental and venue business.  You can find him building, moving or creating just about anything.  In his spare time he enjoys sports, fishing and his dog Magnus.

Seth "The Bro"

A Perfectionist on Every Detail 

Kate is the owner of Captured Moments Photography.  Kate is passionate about creating beautiful moments for her clients to cherish forever.  

Kate enjoys exploring all there is to see and capturing her journey though the lens.

Katelyn "Sister Kate"

Creating moments to cherish forever

Tim helps behind the scenes with delivery and pick up of orders and building projects with Seth.  He's part of Moments "muscle" and helps keep the family laughing along the way.

Tim "Papa"

Fostering a culture and energy to bring people together

Brandi was adopted by the Moments family after she and Kate became "fast friends".

Brandi is our Marketing Director, however, she jumps in where she's needed; whether it's behind the computer, helping Valerie coordinate an event or behind the bar, she can't seem to stray away from the Moments family.  (And she likes it that way) When she's not busy you can find her and her daughter Olivia exploring the beauties of Southern Oregon.

Brandi "The Stray"
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